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Off-Leash Areas in the Belleville/Quinte Area

There are two off-leash areas in the Quinte region. The first is an off-leash trail (affectionately called the "Pooch Path") at the Quinte Conservation area. The Pooch path is not fenced, and is used by those who wish to hike with their dog. Be sure your dog will not get distracted by squirrels, rabbits, etc. and run away they could become lost.

For those who enjoy a more social experience, or whose dog cannot be trusted to stay with you, try the Quinte Dog Park at East Zwick's park. This is a three acre, totally fenced dog park with a double gated entrance for your safety. Be sure to take a plastic bag as you enter and help keep the dog park safe and clean.

The Quinte Dog Park opened on October 20, 2001. The City of Belleville built the Dog park for us with the requirement that the Quinte Dog Park Association pay for the cost of the fence. On Tuesday, October 15th, 2002 a cheque was submitted to Belleville City Council paying back the cost of the fencing in less than one year rather than the five years allowed. This was made possible by the active involvemnt of members in fund raising activities.

Contact: John Logan