New Web Site

The Quinte Dog Park Association now has a web site. We will use this web site to keep you updated on the construction of the Dog Trail (Pooch Path) at the conservation area, and also of our progress towards getting approval of a fenced dog park at one of the Belleville city parks.

A unique feature of this web site, is the listing of all member dogs and their owners so you can recall the name of "rover's" owners. For $2.00 more per year, we will even display a picture of your dog. Once you join the association, e-mail or send us a picture of your dog so we can put it on the "web".


The new web site address is:


Quinte Dog Park Association Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Quinte Dog Park Association was held Jun 26 at the Quinte Conservation Area. Here are the high-lights of the meeting.

An excellent movie was shown of the Marymoor Dog Park in Seattle Washington narrated by Gary Berghoff of "MASH" fame. A copy of this video will be sent to you if you join the association and include a donation of $10 or more.

Owen Kerr from Woof-Walkers, talked about socializing dogs, and how dogs "get-along" in a dog park when they are on neutral territory.

Dr. Linda Hack from Bay Regional Veterinary Hospital discussed the exercise value of a dog park for a dog, and the lack of any health risks as long as the dog has its regular shots each year.

Dr. Liam Hayes of the Urgent Care Clinic, discussed "Pet Therapy" and the health value of a pet for many seniors and handicapped people.


Many seniors feel they must give up their dogs when they are no longer able to exercise them, and a visit to a dog park would allow them to exercise their pets, while socializing with other dog owners.

A special guest was James Beckworth, the secretary of Lease-Free Mississauga who discussed the success of the six dog parks in Mississauga. For the past five years, the dog parks in Mississauga have proven to be very popular, and the current mayor and council are very supportive of the parks.



Our first off-leash area, a trail to be called a "Pooch Path", is being constructed at the Quinte Conservation Area at the corner of Wallbridge- Loyalist Road, and highway 2.

The new trail is now staked out, and will be completed this summer for the grand opening in the fall. Quinte Computer Services has made a donation to fund the signage, including a bulletin board to display the trail rules and give other information about our activities.

A map of the new trail is included with this newsletter. Notice that the trail starts at the left edge of the parking lot and is cut to the north-west corner of the Quinte Conservation property. At this corner, we will place benches so owners can rest and socialize while


their dogs play. The trail will also continue to the east to the current trail so that the dogs can visit the creek and pond to play and drink some water. This section of the trail will not be open during the winter, because the old trail is to be reserved for cross-country skiers.

For directions to the Pooch Path, see our web site.

We hope that one of our members has a snowmobile and will make a few passes on the dog trail after a heavy snow - or- get your snowshoes on to help tamp down the trail!

We will need funds for trail maintenance ie. Plastic bags, wood chips etc., so if you plan to use the trail, please become a member of the association.



We have enclosed a membership form along with a return envelope and hope that you will decide to join the association. Notice that the member is your dog (although you will probably have to pay the membership fee). The membership benefits include:

  • a membership dog tag
  • a list of your dog's name, breed, and his master's name only on the web site
  • a copy of our newsletter with information about the Pooch Path and our progress towards getting a dog park in Belleville
  • the satisfaction of helping to make our off-leash areas successful

Remember that if you donate $10 or more, we will send you a free copy of the Marymoor dog park video so you can show your friends and neighbours.


If these off-leash areas are to be successful, we need your support, and help.


To put you in a giving and joining mood, we have included a new "high-tech" doggy poop bag called a "Dispoz-a-scoop which you can use on your next walk. These types of bags will be made available at our off-leash areas.